Why a fully serviced office is key to your business

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Pera Business Park based in Melton Mowbray offering serviced offices and industrial space.

If you haven’t considered a fully serviced office before, you could be missing out on a whole host of advantages for your business.

Complete solution

Modern business parks offer a total occupancy solution for companies to help support the smooth running of a successful business. Boasting an impressive array of features such as high quality office space alongside open plan common areas perfect for networking, meeting rooms and cafes. They can also come with additional on-site features including car parking, security, IT support and maintenance.

Prestigious address and location

Business parks are able to boast of prime locations within towns or cities, located next to vital road networks. With offices of different sizes located within large modern buildings, not only will the address look impressive on letterheads and websites but prospective client or supplier meetings on-site will look equally as impressive.

Growth flexibility

Many start-up or rapidly growing businesses are often working towards intensive growth plans which require the ability to expand quickly to take on more staff or provide additional space for products. Fully serviced offices within large business parks provide a flexible arrangement for tenants allowing them to upsize, downsize or take on additional temporary offices often requiring just a months’ notice.

Fixed costs

Fully serviced offices often invoice tenants on a monthly basis collecting rent, business rates and service charge in one payment. The control of costs in variable services such as gas, electricity and water alleviates any surprises that a company may not have taken into account when budgeting.

It can also be the perfect solution for a start-up business or a business looking to reduce their costs as renting a fully serviced office doesn’t require any capital investment. Business Parks, such as Pera Business Park in Leicestershire provide modern offices fully furnished with no application fee or deposit requirement offering customers an easy and cost effective way to house their business.

With the opportunity to rent an office on a licence basis, Pera Business Park also provide a flexible rental agreement that does not require any legal support, avoiding any costly legal fees.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Business parks provide multiple networking and cross-selling opportunities with the other tenants that have taken up occupancy on the same site. When a business park has a variety of different sized companies it provides a unique opportunity to network and promote to a number of potential new customers from the comfort of your own office!

Meeting rooms and common areas also create networking opportunities of bumping into new contacts that may be looking for the product or service you have to offer.

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