22 Coolest Offices in the World – 2015

As global corporations continue to expand whilst looking to cut costs and isolate workers to avoid workplace distractions, rows and rows of uniform workstations have become increasingly popular.

Luckily for some of us, a handful of the world’s more creative and forward thinking companies have begun to design their office space around their employee’s desires.
Contrary to popular belief, employees in fun-filled workplaces often choose not to spend all day playing ping pong or racing on Segways and it has been proven that interesting and stimulating offices can actually increase productivity and improve employee morale.

Businesses will argue that these cool offices are more than just a PR stunt or a flex of their financial muscle.

To be honest, we don’t care! Just check these out:

1. Dropbox – California, US

Dropbox is an American file hosting service and their plush California offices allow employees to spend the morning in the gym before riding a scooter through the hallways to see the boss. You could even catch some live music before discussing business ideas in the, creepily named, ‘Romance Chamber’. What’s not to love?


2. Zynga – California, US

Adding to Cali’s outstanding office image is social game service, Zynga. Designing games can be stressful business, so that’s why bosses at the company feel that petting dogs and relaxing in arcade lounges should be part of every staff member’s day… naturally.


3. Mind Candy – London, UK

It doesn’t get much cooler than going off to work in a treehouse in Shoreditch each day. At Mind Candy, creators of the children’s online educational game, Moshi Monsters, you can do just that.


4. Innocent Drinks – London, UK

Famed for their marketing creativity, the offices at innocent drinks charmingly replicate their green brand image. Innocent are over 90% owned by the Coca-Cola company, but get caught without a healthy smoothie or veg pot and you’d look out of place in this London office.


5. Red Bull – London, UK

Any work environment that manages to incorporate a slide into its design is a winner in our book. Energy drink producers, extreme sport sponsors and general corporate giants, Red Bull, have one the sleekest offices in England.


6. Mother London – London, UK

Mother of God! Just look at that table. At London based advertising agency, Mother London, most staff like to group around an 8ft-wide, 300ft desk. Perfect for throwing ideas around.


7. Nicholas Tye Architects – Bedford, UK

Bedfordshire based architects, Nicholas Tye, created their very own office space in the middle of a field. There are no gimmicks here just stunning design… and look at that view!


8. Corus Entertainment – Toronto, Canada

Out of the way Red Bull. This is the best office slide we’ve ever seen…a sentence we never thought we’d type! Corus Entertainment are a media and entertainment conglomerate based in Toronto, Ontario and what’s more entertaining than nipping out for break via a three story slide?


9. Hootsuite – Vancouver, Canada

Canadian social media management system creators, Hootsuite, have two gorgeous offices in Vancouver that stay true to the founder’s roots. Nap rooms and yoga studios are just some of the employee friendly areas that enrich the natural looking office space.


10. Missing Link – South Africa

A fireman’s pole, tattoo parlor and a shooting range where you are invited to shoot ‘presentation clichés’ surely don’t belong in an office do they? Try telling that to the bosses at presentation pros Missing Link.


11. Karmarama – London, UK

At snappily titled advertising agency Karmarama, staff can enter the office through a ‘disco tunnel’…beats us! They also have a vast array of weird and wonderful objects such as a massive inflatable Buddha. Brilliant!


12. Sprout Social – Chicago, US

Founded as late as 2010, savvy social media specialists Sprout Social have exploded in the last five years. No wonder they can afford their smooth and sleek space.


13. Coupa – San Mateo, US

Built in a bank vault, the offices at Coupa have a massive reinforced door that still works. Don’t annoy the boss! The office of the cloud-based-spend-management-software company is also equipped with a keg and a shuffleboard table for office parties.


14. Sweet Leaf Tea – Texas, US

Nestlé owned, ready-to-drink organic teas and lemonades producers, Sweet Leaf Tea have a stunning set of new offices in Texas. The communal areas feature a massive kitchen and the cool office standard – a ping pong table.


15. Google – Tel Aviv, Israel

A cool office space list wouldn’t be a cool office space list if it didn’t feature one of Google’s bases. This one in Tel Aviv has stunning views of the city whilst incorporating the cultures natural beauty.


16. Wieden+Kennedy – New York, US

Famed for their work with sports brand Nike, independently owned American advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy, have incredibly stylish New York offices in the heart of the city.


17. Bahnhof – Stockholm, Sweden

Wow! This place looks like somewhere James Bond would get incompetently held hostage before breaking free in spectacular style. Swedish secure server hosts, Bahnhof, have an office in a Cold War nuclear bunker protected by a 40 cm steel door bunker below the White Mountains in Södermalm. Breathtaking.


18. Inventionland – Pittsburgh, US

“What do you do then?”
“I work on a Pirate Ship”
Instantly win at life by getting a job at ‘the world largest invention factory’


19. Comvert – Milan, Italy

Alternative clothing company, Comvert, ‘comverted’ (haha!) an old abandoned cinema into a plush office space. They added an indoor skate bowl above the warehouse which adheres to their extreme sport brand image.


20. ASB North Wharf – Auckland, Australia

ASB Bank is one of the largest providers of financial and insurance services in New Zealand and their futuristic pod-like desks and meeting rooms reflect this.


21. Splunk, London, UK

Splunk is a multinational company that provides software for searching and analysing data. The company’s London offices feature British-inspired graffiti and a Dr Who themed demonstration room aimed at reflecting the business’s brand values of ‘innovation, passion, disruption, openness and fun’.


22. Pera Business Park, Leicestershire

We had to include ourselves didn’t we?! Representing for middle England is Pera Business Park in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. With over 110,000 sq ft of prime commercial office space available to rent, Pera also boasts acres of greenery that other UK business parks just can’t match.

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Which office was your favorite? Is there an incredibly cool office we missed out?

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